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For over two years, I worked as an email marketing copywriter for the National Collegiate Scouting Association. My role involved writing and creating email campaigns to promote the online recruiting education classes that we hosted for our client base of high school student-athletes. NCSA’s student-athletes (as well as their parents) take these classes in order to learn more about the collegiate recruiting process and gain a better understanding of what they need to do to get an offer to play their desired sport at the next level.



Examples of some of the emails I’ve sent out to promote these classes are below. The call to action is to get them to sign up for the 30 minute online webinar (the recruiting class) so that they are better educated about how to successfully be recruited.



Subject line: A new look for your NCSA football profile



Subject line: #Socialmedia recruiting class






























Subject line: Senior/2015 Baseball Grads – November To-Do List




Subject line: Get advice from our college financial aid experts!






























Subject line: Senior Recruiting Checklist for {Client First Name}




























Subject line: Happy Valentine’s Day from NCSA




























Subject line: 2016 swimmers: How to prepare for Junior Day

































Besides the traditional emails my team and I sent, we also made an effort to create engaging content based on the time of year and what stage of the recruiting process our clients are in. One of the most successful series of campaigns we ran was called the “25 Days of Recruiting.” For this campaign, we created a custom landing page for each of the 25 days in December leading up to Christmas. For each landing page, we took a theme from a popular holiday movie and explained how the lessons learned in the story can apply to your betterment as a prospective college athlete.

View the entire 25 Days of Recruiting campaign series here


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