Foundation for Retinal Research is an organization dedicated towards finding a cure for retinal degenerative diseases. Blindness-causing diseases such as Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis are becoming more and more treatable thanks in part to the fundraising efforts put together by FRR.

Since February of 2014, I have been creating promotional videos for Foundation for Retinal Research in an effort to create excitement and support for their fundraisers around the country. 2 videos that I had made to promote FRR’s biennial conference in Boston, MA this year are posted below. All of the other videos I made to promote other fundraisers around the country can be viewed on FRR’s YouTube page here:









In fall of 2011 I was a communications intern for American Red Cross Blood Services in Peoria, IL. One of my biggest projects was to personally interview a number of Red Cross volunteers and then put all of the information into an annual newsletter to be sent out to all the local Red Cross volunteers. I wrote and designed this newsletter called “Volunteer View” in addition to a number of other projects in order to communicate and maintain the strong relationship American Red Cross has with all of its dedicated volunteers.

Download links:

Volunteer View Fall 2011

2012 birthday cards

2012 Holiday Open House invitation

Intern Opportunities Handout


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